Grotto Bruce Peninsula Gregorian Bay

image source

The grotto is truly a busy tourist site. The Peninsula’s Grotto is packed all-year-long. It is a breathtaking landmark and what it does for the spirit is so refreshing. So says, The Bubbly Tipsy Mermaid

The Grotto is a scenic cave containing a pool of blue water, located on the Georgian Bay shoreline in Bruce Peninsula National Park, near Tobermory, Ontario. source

The Grotto, and with it, Indian Head Cove, were formed by constant waters swirling and hammering at this focal point between Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay, fiercely eroding away the mix of softer limestone and hardened dolomite that make up this ancient shoreline, uplifted and looking out over surrounding waters. It’s the tip of a rocky cliff face reaching down to the deepest points of Georgian Bay, and looking out over the vast Canadian Shield to the north. A testament to a tumultuous geological period of Earth, and our own Canadian Shield’s grand history. source

The Grotto is a popular attraction and very busy during the summer and on long weekends. Parking space is limited and quickly fills up. source

The beginning of the trail is rated Easy with a wide crushed gravel surface and few hills, the shoreline of Georgian Bay is very rocky and can be challenging. The portion of the Bruce Trail leading to the Grotto does require some climbing over slippery rocks and tree routes. source


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