Forever Mermaid


It was when the angels spoke,

that I awoke into the melodic sounds

of nature

a burst of brilliant sunlight,

blueness and a calm stirred all around

Sea creatures, big and small,

leaped up and gazed at my loving


They nourished me with treats from

ocean’s shells

They entertained me with slippery


sprouting water from their mouths

and gills

I cooed a smile

because they splattered me with

bubbling joy

They were my friends,

my first toys

I was capsized in the arms sealife

Cradled upon a bay leaf,

I floated adrift..

Heaven’s breezes strummed

into gentle lullaby hums

I fell fast asleep

Up in midair I went, a fast and

sudden sweep

©2018 The Bubbly Tipsy Mermaid ((TIB) all rights reserved

Credit: John Lund/Getty Images

4 thoughts on “Forever Mermaid

  1. What a Mermaid to think of
    Brings joy and envy together
    Feels like to have a birth of the type
    To sleep in as fast is not a joke
    Beautiful lines I have read in recent times

    Liked by 1 person

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