Lifeguard Stations

From The Very Beginning:

Not far from the crowded shoreline of Waikiki
Beach is the final resting place of a native Hawaiian who forever changed California and its image to the world.

Beneath the Freeth fam­ily tombstone is his simple burial marker. Only the engraved lettering “G.D. 1883-1919” designates it as his grave. The small grave site makes no mention of George Douglas Freeth, Jr., as having been awarded the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Congres­sional Gold Medal. Nor does it indicate that he is considered the father of modern ocean lifesaving. No mention is made that he was the person who first demonstrated and taught the sport of surfing in southern California. Within the serene tropical con­ fines of Oahu Cemetery, however, the light winds blow eastward toward the mainland, seemingly car­rying the gentle spirit of the man whose impact on such California icons as ocean lifeguards, surfers, swimmers, and water-polo players, is still felt in modern times.

Freeth’s greatest impact on California, however, remains his instrumental role in revolutionizing the profession of ocean lifesaving. Before his arrival, a few volunteer lifesavers utilized ocean safety skills that focused on the use of lifeboats and rowing crews to save individuals from drowning. Adapting to changing times, local conditions, and new technologies, Freeth preached and practiced the impor­tance of quick action to carry out rescues. As impor­tantly, and as a lasting legacy, many of the young swimmers under his guidance became the future nucleus of today’s ocean lifeguard services in Cali­fornia. As a result of Freeth’s innovations and the standards he established, drownings on modem guarded beaches in California have become extremely rare.

Although George Freeth’s “passage,” as Hawai­ians call the period between birth and death, was short, it was nonetheless full. From the shores of Hawaii to the sands of California, George Freeth touched thousands of lives for the better.


1547591361308 (hongkong)

Lifeguard Station at Repulse Bay in Hong Kong image source Melissa Tse/Getty Image) Best Beaches on Hong Kong Island BY RORY BOLAND source

Beach Cottage by Rene Marie – Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota on Sunday during Tropical Storm Debby.

Beach Gardens. Debbie Nowicki-England My Pictures

Emon Beach Lifeguard Tower

Jetty Life Guard House, Miami Beach

Alicante life guard tower Life guard tower

Lifeguard Tower. Navarion Dunes resort

La Jolla Shores Lifeguard Tower Louis Leonard Art Lifeguard Stand at Sunrise

Torre del Salvavidas
China on the scene (stock) Louis Leonard Art Lifeguard Stand at Sunrise

Life Guard House, Miami

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  1. What a nice effort to compile the images of Life Guard stations at various sea coasts.
    The brief history of Mr GD who in 36 years of his life time gathered and offered such information and facilities to the next generation is commendable. His contributions though not recognized are felt.
    My Salutations to Him.
    Thanks for the share.
    Your name please.

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