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Wisdom is the scholar of knowledge, the wandering enlightenment that renounces all that is sordid to a virtuous path;

and where Eastern Philosophies proclaim honor to the torches of truth, a disbandment of the world’s inherited gloom.

Is it not so that every religious path has its own logics that vial on the hearts of many tongues?

Love is not winterborn but a heat of an infectious affection demonstrated in brotherhood and goodwill.
The Buddha effect is one that has ignited into a mastered teaching of love

and can be witnessed in the discipleship of Christ; both are disciplines of love, practiced through acts of kind deeds.

Being mystified that winged Angels are spirited messengers of God, leads to an interesting query: what are man’s holy heights?

And what is levitation if not an earthly release of oneself, as experienced by Sadhus, Saints and thru the witnessings of heavenly encounters?

Heart branchings may be a far reach beyond the physical sense well into “Samadhi”, which is a crossover from the physical realm into the spiritual realm of life.

Understanding Samadhi as a practice that has a firm faith in God, clearly incorporates the platform of releasing oneself from the cares in an untrusting and evil world.

The disciplines of Samadhi have extended into other practices such as the barefeet fire walkers ( walking on burning hot coals) of India and the Middle East.

If through faith man can walk on hot coals, there should be no reason why man cannot muster up the courage and faith to walk on water.

Faith is man’s undernourished, rarely-used vehicle. Understanding the power of faith through documented historical practices and proofs,

man may one day understand that together, faith-filled people can walk over the spiritual fires in this world.

Through the doors of prayer and meditation comes clarity which stem from focusing on loving thoughts, that feed deep within the hearts and mind of every hungry soul.

Song praises to God come in many creative vibratory formats including chants and hymns.

But all are praises and sensory fine-tunings, in hope to spiritually connect with God.

The gospeled faith that Man will Resurrect into God’s eternity, is an imparted Biblical Truth which far exceeds Man’s present life, and resolves the questionings of after life, while making void the ideas of reincarnation.

Man can and will be born again, but only through the everlasting life, upheld through Christ.

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8 thoughts on ““SOARING FLIGHTS (Part I)”

  1. How are you admin,
    I Am Katewinstly. I visit this website on a daily basis to read this blog quality and unique posts, This website provides quality and valuable information which helpS in the specified field. This website is all about the facts of great information. Good Work Keep it up.
    Dustin Johnson

    1. Thank you katewinstly for your visit and for your kind words. I am happy to meet you and will look closely into your shared link. You sure know how to flatter a fish! 💦🦈💦. TheBubblyTipsyMermaid TIB

  2. Thank you very much, dear friend 🙂

    God made man, and man made religions… The common denominator, the connecting link is Love. As Sant Kirpal Singh said: “We need not dig new wells, but we need reformers who reform themselves…” Everyone can stay in his or her religious surroundings: important is that Christians become good Christians, Muslims become good Muslims, Sikhs become good Sikhs and so forth. In doing so it is important to focus what us unites, not what us separates..
    What is we all have in common? – We are first of all – all human beings, but yet we are not real human beings – so we have to develop and help people as much as we can without becoming proud of our own deeds – because service to man is service to God…

    All the best, my friend and have a great weekend 🙂
    Hugs and love

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