The Difference is Indepth

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The Courtesy of Pinterest

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My heart, a hollow cove, an empty castle desireously wanting to be fulfilled-

No one is aware of my posture or my listening gaze, not even you-

I sit, sanded upon a mound,

Watching you,

…you, from a distance;

My eyes are gleaming particles,

tarnished with grit;

I may be a mermaid in concept,

But for you,

I am a weeping,

crushed, scaling of lament;

I wonder if you could truly care-

You are the man of my en-liveliness,

I. am falling into your heart, a sphere where only you can re-create my purpose

and, where my hopes and dreams burst into unscathed desires-

Then you, meet with a beauty; an ethnic, then a non-ethnic, redheads and brunettes;

You talk and laugh with them,

Then there are more, you meet with , one after another, thin, shapely, short and tall;

That’s when my inanimate lusters want you more-

Attired for a swim, the ocean’s breeze highlight the wavy swirls of your manliness into wraps and flowing silkiness;

If only I were made of marble or fine clay, you might comeover and rub your hand across the outlining contour of my smooth design-

Please come nearer, and breath upon me your exuberant overflow of realism;

Maybe, if I were a pond, statured beside a heron’s nest, you might dip your fingers in my bowl-

I want to talk to you, but, first you must come close and listen in complete stillness-

My voice can be heard in the soft sounds of the wind;

Oh how I pain for you to come nearer;

Sit with me from sunrise to sundown;

Don’t you know that true love can come from the realness of your imagination?

Please acknowledge me!

Envision me!

Envisage me!

Fancy me! Hold me!

I hope we can get close soon, before I crumble away;

My extraction may be thru withering or waiting for you,

Which, I am not sure;

But, storms come and the winds blow and the ocean’s tide grow higher;

If I must fall apart,

I hope it is NOT upon an algaed rock but on sand, beside your path-

©2019 TheBubblyTipsyMermaid – all rights reserved

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