The Courtesy of Pinterest – Gambar Eagle terbaik di 2019

Originally posted On: The BubblyTipsy Mermaid (TIB)


You appear without a moment’s notice;

Your scent brings madness upon my femininity then comes the whims of my startling wilds, that cause me to react;

you treat me as though love is a prized companion;

I respond with excitement, and my fury of craze take me within the wrappings of your arms;

again, you love me in dialogue of compromise

love should never be a chaotic blur;

You come and you go;

then you go and you come.

How can you be so consumed with the idea that love is indispendible?

Teasings are cheap, second-handed alludes that coronate your ego

I grapple with trust.

Our breakups are a constant mixup, acts of shattering aggrevations.

Broken are the cornstones of promise that fluctuate into disgruntlements; and remorse

but, there in the midst of it all, you return with your constant persuasion, over and over again, I am swayed by the strong hold of your caresses,

where hope gives me every reason to fantasize

©2019 TheBubblyTipsyMermaid – all rights reserved

The Courtesy of Pinterest – Gambar Eagle terbaik di 2019

8 thoughts on ““LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO!” ARCANO

  1. I do love the passion in this poem mermaid 🧜‍♀️ Really well written and deeply felt

      1. Wishing you a fantastic day as well 🧜‍♀️

  2. Love the poem, love the music, and for many years I loved a mermaid before she slipped away.

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