“Water Parks In Theory” Enter With an Opened Imagination

Stock Featured image: penguins fly underwater

There are many birds that fly or swim underwater, classified as a variation of Penguin species having biological adaptions to an array of oceanic climates and environments.

A Wandering Mind Is Always Wondering

Underwater parks or waterparks, which came first? Okay the secret is now out!True, it is, as you may have heard, mermaids do stroll and sit about at underwater parks. There are no rarities in these parks for Scuba diving men to capture the hearts of water maidens.

Smithsonian Magazine (Austria)

And all of life beneath the sea is so shorelike (or as on land). Human pet peeves? Yes, there are underwater pets and pet walkings. But, with underwater park activities, pet walks are swims or bouyant strolls.Sealife parks have different boundaries than land or shore life. It is one of the bizarres of physics. In fact, I think it is twisted, reverse of biophysics.©2022 TheBubblyTipsyMermaid (TIB) All rights reserved

Catfish are they suppose to look like cats?



Dogface Puffer

White Seal

Underwater Dogface Puffers (above/Imgur) and the following (You Tube) white Seal image are ocean dogs.



The Courtesy of Pinterest (4) images

image source Originally posted On: The BubblyTipsy Mermaid (TIB)

©️2022 TheBubblyTipsyMermaid

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