“Dinner Upon Rushing Tides”

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Passive luxuries are always safe anchorings where flocking seabirds migrate. Their crestings are scenes of translated croonings, a huddled gathering of shoreline fowls, feasting upon the delicacies from sliding waves.

Berth 10 was a homogenous atmosphere. A steeple of smiles met with sighs, goodbyes; and hugs were clouded emotions, a disembarking, those expending moments of togetherness.

Relished gateways storied my path to hamlets vogued above an elongated rocky cliff. And what I longed for was a different rush of waves, an adventurous, nomadic flair.


This was my glamour day, a- freestyle-me, rigged for an escape with a Sea Captain. His core was an emblem commissioned.

His hat, his badge and white uniform were all tailorings of that perfect gentleman who would bath me within his maritime affection. And, so he did, by kissing my hands and pressing them closely against his comitting thoughts.

The day’s skylight gleemed into fluorescent colors that gave view to a harbor filled with tinseled vessels. At a distant he and I sat amidst a ritzy social mixer. Picturisque Monets gallaried around our hours of fine



dining and music.

Poetry, unspeculated, unargued, and without rhyme was our gazing conversation, a bonding feel, memoired with blowing whispers of symphonic formations. Suddeness paired us into one vibrant captivation that set the sea apart. When cyclonic roars of the sea continuously exploded, we watched them together.

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“Relaxing Music And Ocean Waves”

The Difference is, Indepth

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My heart, a hollow cove, an empty castle desireously wanting to be fulfilled-

No one is aware of my posture or my listening gaze, not even you-

I sit, sanded upon a mound,

Watching you,

…you, from a distance;

My eyes are gleaming particles,

tarnished with grit;

I may be a mermaid in concept,

But for you,

I am a weeping,

crushed, scaling of lament;

I wonder if you could truly care-

You are the man of my en-liveliness,

I. am falling into your heart, a sphere where only you can re-create my purpose

and, where my hopes and dreams burst into unscathed desires-

Then you, meet with a beauty; an ethnic, then a non-ethnic, redheads and brunettes;

You talk and laugh with them,

Then there are more, you meet with , one after another, thin, shapely, short and tall;

That’s when my inanimate lusters want you more-

Attired for a swim, the ocean’s breeze highlight the wavy swirls of your manliness into wraps and flowing silkiness;

If only I were made of marble or fine clay, you might comeover and rub your hand across the outlining contour of my smooth design-

Please come nearer, and breath upon me your exuberant overflow of realism;

Maybe, if I were a pond, statured beside a heron’s nest, you might dip your fingers in my bowl-

I want to talk to you, but, first you must come close and listen in complete stillness-

My voice can be heard in the soft sounds of the wind;

Oh how I pain for you to come nearer;

Sit with me from sunrise to sundown;

Don’t you know that true love can come from the realness of your imagination?

Please acknowledge me!

Envision me!

Envisage me!

Fancy me! Hold me!

I hope we can get close soon, before I crumble away;

My extraction may be thru withering or waiting for you,

Which, I am not sure;

But, storms come and the winds blow and the ocean’s tide grow higher;

If I must fall apart,

I hope it is NOT upon an algaed rock but on sands, beside your path-

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You appear without a moment’s notice;

Your scent brings madness upon my femininity then comes the whims of my startling wilds, that cause me to react;

you treat me as though love is a prized companion;

I respond with excitement, and my fury of craze take me within the wrappings of your arms;

again, you love me in dialogue of compromise

love should never be a chaotic blur;

You come and you go;

then you go and you come.

How can you be so consumed with the idea that love is indispendible?

Teasings are cheap, second-handed alludes that coronate your ego

I grapple with trust.

Our breakups are a constant mixup, acts of shattering aggrevations.

Broken are the cornstones of promise that fluctuate into disgruntlements; and remorse

but, there in the midst of it all, you return with your constant persuasion, over and over again, I am swayed by the strong hold of your caresses,

where hope gives me every reason to fantasize

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Stillness is the only place where I can love you and breath your touch;

and, where our shadows can undress into the somewhere of togetherness;

Our love is an unquestionable exile.

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Harp & Violin Canon In D
Canon in D (Pachelbel) – Violin & Piano

“Celestial Castings”

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I had an audition with the “Scouting Moon”, which took place on a quiet edge of morning,

The Moon was fully seated across shoreless waters within a rippling showcase of translucent colors, a skying recruit of powdery pinks, precipitating purples and spills of outrageous oranges.

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“What do you know about me and the stars and all of the planets?” asked the moon.


My answers were a continuous flow of endearments. “When the nocturnal divides into your nightcap mode, Dear Moon you slant over the mockingbird cusps but the repeats of the mystical bird’sPeaceful Hymn’ goes unanswered.”


“Unrested on vigilance, the old owl promises not-a-hooting trace to the stool pigeon about any wisdom versed within the perfect secrets of airwaves, nor the true characteristics of the winded seas, nor the real understanding about emotions of the mind that leaches onto the worldly ponderance of geniuses, lunatics, philosophers, stoics, and stooges”;

“Traditions walk following beamed up beliefs and take dips into horrific scifi, an eerie casting of moonings, orbiting and shifting as manmade sentinels transcend and modulate. The good news is that, the sky is one big, Heavenly screen…

Twinkling stars fall into ominous straits, ways, galaxies, constellations, where threads of comets in volumes, blast the runways of time”.

“And, just as I every drop of rain, every earthly element, every mineral, and every precious stone, I want to be “a real star“, said I, the Starfish“!

"The glow is a curated mystery!"


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“La Valse d’Amélie (Accordion version)”

Table For Two

It is ten o’clock, you said you would be here at nine.

In plain view I am waiting for you

I have been patient–Me, the precarious model…the bearer of unannounced consequences.

Why do I dress myself with ideas that are seated upon architectural idea of romance?

..In reverse, you hide yourself and dangle me with excuses,

Then you give me a convergence of an ideal, YOU, a mindswell of your selfish identity;

And why should there be a repeated compromise in the heart your disrespect of me?

And, what am I to you, a prop?

Exhibits and spectators are perfect models for captivation, with an affinity to glimpses, flirty winks and other suitable musings.

I sit with a clever exchange, I am entertained with the charm and my recaptivation.

Waiting for you, I have met someone new.

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I reached out with a tall angry cry and I heard our divide speak in a shallow place called the once us,


I listened to my one-sided touch that was constantly outweighed by personal chaos;

Choices drew us into constricted barriers where the spirit of obsolete and free became strong from the spoils of sour words;

And I shall never forget those unsavory gifts of rust that are now discarded as dead flowers?

Only, the bridges across the stretch of waters know the distance of our stripped togetherness,

I may be soaked from brokeness that drifted us apart, but I am grateful for the wetness and to the sea that carried me up and over the terror of my pains,

SO, here I am, Splashed inside the voids of isolation, back in my homeland, at “The Port of Lonely”**

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“天空の城ラピュタ / Laputa – Castle in the Sky 石川綾子” (Ayako Ishikawa)


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Wisdom is the scholar of knowledge, the wandering enlightenment that renounces all that is sordid to a virtuous path;

and where Eastern Philosophies proclaim honor to the torches of truth, a disbandment of the world’s inherited gloom.

Is it not so that every religious path has its own logics that vial on the hearts of many tongues?

Love is not winterborn but a heat of an infectious affection demonstrated in brotherhood and goodwill.
The Buddha effect is one that has ignited into a mastered teaching of love

and can be witnessed in the discipleship of Christ; both are disciplines of love, practiced through acts of kind deeds.

Being mystified that winged Angels are spirited messengers of God, leads to an interesting query: what are man’s holy heights?

And what is levitation if not an earthly release of oneself, as experienced by Sadhus, Saints and thru the witnessings of heavenly encounters?

Heart branchings may be a far reach beyond the physical sense well into “Samadhi”, which is a crossover from the physical realm into the spiritual realm of life.

Understanding Samadhi as a practice that has a firm faith in God, clearly incorporates the platform of releasing oneself from the cares in an untrusting and evil world.

The disciplines of Samadhi have extended into other practices such as the barefeet fire walkers ( walking on burning hot coals) of India and the Middle East.

If through faith man can walk on hot coals, there should be no reason why man cannot muster up the courage and faith to walk on water.

Faith is man’s undernourished, rarely-used vehicle. Understanding the power of faith through documented historical practices and proofs,

man may one day understand that together, faith-filled people can walk over the spiritual fires in this world.

Through the doors of prayer and meditation comes clarity which stem from focusing on loving thoughts, that feed deep within the hearts and mind of every hungry soul.

Song praises to God come in many creative vibratory formats including chants and hymns.

But all are praises and sensory fine-tunings, in hope to spiritually connect with God.

The gospeled faith that Man will Resurrect into God’s eternity, is an imparted Biblical Truth which far exceeds Man’s present life, and resolves the questionings of after life, while making void the ideas of reincarnation.

Man can and will be born again, but only through the everlasting life, upheld through Christ.

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The Sound Of Ocean Sea Waves & Birds – 2 Hours Of Relaxation!


Why Do Mermaids Cry?

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Mermaids cry not only because seasons are being eaten away by time, but also because of the careless practices of worldly behavior that have scarred the ambitions of the seamaiden legend.

Negligently, mermaids are being storied in the heart of disrespect; mermaids have no choice but to trample sorrowfully through waters filled with debris.

Their tears pour out into a stormy cause of motion sickness, where drifts become blurs of turbulence and oceanic waters run deep into a buldging of consequences.

Most imminent are the wrenching calamities, that severely cause breakages in the universal family of nature.

As a result “rainbows” have lost their colors and the ocean’s fragrant smell and gentle harmonies continue to wisp away.

The sky clouds up, and wimpers all through the night’s air; the easterlies and westerlies have lost their sense of direction, cartwheeling into atmospheric turmoil;

Falling stars land upon the continental shelf transforming all of plant life into weeping willows.

Marshes flood and estuaries collapse from tidal explosions.

Then the sun shows its anger. in a raging ball of heat.

Whales overwhelmed by melting icebergs. flee into the encounters of extinction;

with this scurry, many fish have stopped schooling.

Mariners mistake all of these mermaid sorrows as a “Global Warming, or as a Climate Change”.

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“Sinead O’Connor – Lullaby for Cain”

Sinéad Marie Bernadette O’Connor Irish singer-songwriter, born 8 December 1966 in Glenageary, County Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, Ireland. Sister of Joseph O’Connor.

In 2017, she changed her legal name to Magda Davitt, saying in an interview that she wished to be “free of the patriarchal slave names. On her conversion to Islam in October 2018, she adopted the name Shuhada’ Davitt.

“Chris Botti & Lucia Micarelli – Emmanuel” 

A Walk Across the Sky

The door inside the open window, slammed shut;

and, there I was alone, paralyzed, locked against the presence of my own existence.

I was spaced out consciously stripped within the nakedness of time.

The height above me was enormous and empty, an expansive void.

As a stranger to nothingness, I became altered, small, shrunkened and remote, I could not move.

Up over me and all around me, beautiful billowy, white clouds formed and settled.

The same clouds loomed me across the stretch of a beautiful song, into a wide nowhere.

Suddenly, destiny gripped the hand of my delirium, and the voice of my psychiatrist clearly called out to me saying, “You can wakeup now, your session has ended.”


I awoke crazily, but, I could not stop thinking, about the obscure peculiarities of my walk across the sky. Could the interpretation here be that, “I should learn more to know myself”, that I “need to meditate” or that “the sky is the limit”?

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