“Titanic Revelations and Music”

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Recent findings reveal the truth that has been buried for over one hundred years. Scientists have debunked the theory that the cause of the Titanic sinking was an iceberg. Why did Titanic sink? What’s the real cause of the Titanic crash? HOW TITANIC SANK On April 14th, 1912 at 11:40 p.m. RMS Titanic had a terrible accident that led to its ultimate demise 3 hours later. By 2:20 a.m. in the early morning of April 15th, the biggest ship of its time had completely disappeared under the ice-cold surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Titanic took more than 1,500 lives with it as it sank to its watery grave. TITANIC MYSTERY The cause of this horrible disaster leading to so many deaths was an iceberg the ship crashed into. Or so we’ve always been told… But scientists’ most recent findings have debunked this theory. In this video, we’ll tell you the whole truth that has been buried for over one hundred years.

Senan-Molony-Titanic-Hotel-Belfast-Opening-22. Titanic author and political journalist: By Titanic Belfast, CC BY 2.0 …

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I reached out with a tall angry cry and I heard our divide speak in a shallow place called the once us,


I listened to my one-sided touch that was constantly outweighed by personal chaos;

Choices drew us into constricted barriers where the spirit of obsolete and free became strong from the spoils of sour words;

And I shall never forget those unsavory gifts of rust that are now discarded as dead flowers?

Only, the bridges across the stretch of waters know the distance of our stripped togetherness,

I may be soaked from brokeness that drifted us apart, but I am grateful for the wetness and to the sea that carried me up and over the terror of my pains,

SO, here I am, Splashed inside the voids of isolation, back in my homeland, at “The Port of Lonely”**

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“天空の城ラピュタ / Laputa – Castle in the Sky 石川綾子”

“Love In The Morning – ENNIO MORRICONE”

That Morning Catch!

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I am a Finland Mermaid, and on one of my morning journeys, I looked up and saw a handsome face encircling the shallow, wavy waters.

I asked myself, “Had a handsome kite fallen upon the sea and started sailing inward toward the scales of my heart”? When I peeped out of the water, there he stood, with a full-body six pack, and a squinting stare, strained against the sunrise. Gradually, it became apparent that my flair was a loner. Knowing this, I was adamant on never letting him leave the want of my love on any goodbye waves.

I had fallen in love, and thoughts of sailing away with him, nudged me into ideas of stubborness and mischief. At this point, I launched a plan for him to become my trophy.

Each Tuesday he readied his tackle, rigged and unanchored his boat, near the tackle docking of West Bay.

My awakenings always challenged time and distance while surveiling this catch of a man.

He the fisherman would set sail to fish at a perfect water spot, and afterwards, he would head for Somerset, a neighboring fishing village.

I desired his love, and my chase of him was a real maritime pursuit as well as a fish tale that would become a sea legend, and an intimate tailgating honor.

One day he and I would breath the same air after untying the knots of our different drifts.

I dreamt about our live, loud wedding band, on the Puget Sound, a passage way where the sun, moon and all of the stars would glow upon our union. I imagined our marriage celebration being honored by a spectrum of colorful, swarming sealife, clapping seals, blow fish and whales who would joyfully sprout water into the air. Many Ferries filled with crowds of people would give toast to our vows. ClamBake Chefs would be our enchanting food caterers.

After thanking our guests we would depart in a perfect tradewind and float all the way to our honeymoon on the Grand banks. The sound of attached, clamoring seashells would straddle behind us, with the insignia ” Just Married”. Our arrival would be filled with explorative dives and relaxation. Then we would go inside our honeymoon cove and rest on a huge spongey oyster bed, covered with pearls. The sea doctor would later tell me that I have been cavaliered. This will be the birth of our children, little mariner sardines.

My love for this fisherman causes me to tarry closely behind him, along the ocean’s baseline. Sadly, his interest in me is not known.

In today’s sudsy morning surf, I have become a hasty, dripping splatter of a Mer, while nervously swimming pass a fading moon that sits upon the waters. The moon slowly crosses into a blend with the rising sun. My heart desires the same movement across my husband-to-be’s heart.

I am always one-half hour ahead of my love to be’s start. On my weekly chase, I trail his valored, heroic whims at the speed of 10 nautical miles. It is with a motion of long dipping strokes thru the greeneries of algae in the foamy ocean that I meet up with him. He settled in the middle of the sea to began fishing.

Unsuspectedly, I was his secret hand and a victim of my own shameless disrespect, because I am hoping for love and marriage with him.

Hours passed, and continuously loaded his net with tons of fish. Although I was a hearty and strong Mer, I was suddenly entangled in the net that I had filled with fish.

Me, the aggressive mermaid had become a soaking, aimless collision course. I was caught by my prey, the very man that I had chased and do love.

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“Love In The Morning – ENNIO MORRICONE”

“The Coving Caves of Beautiful, Blue Barbados”

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Barbados’ coving caves are result from acts of nature; but, there are replicas that come from the artistic creations of man.

The Crystal Cove Hotel, located in St. James, is one example of an artistic architectural concept of a Barbados cave.

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Though a haven for wealthy tourists and foreign expatriates, St. James is far from exclusive. As one of the bigger parishes, it is home to over 20,000 nationals strewn across its many districts, across various social strata. The parish is home to the prestigious Queen’s College, one of the foremost schools not only in Barbados, but also the Caribbean, founded over a century ago by British plantation owner Colonel Henry Drax. At its most rural, the parish’s many villages (such as the seafront “Fitts Village”) are abuzz with activity, near-familial camaraderie, and an active social atmosphere.

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Barbados’ History

Barbados is the eastern-most Caribbean island. It is located at 13.1N, 59.4W. The island, which is less that one million years old, was created by the collision of the Atlantic crustal and Caribbean plates, along with a volcanic eruption.

Later coral formed, accumulating to approximately 300 feet. It is geologically unique, being actually two land masses that merged together over the years.

The history of the early settlement of Barbados is being rewritten as a result of recent archaeological discoveries unearthed at the site of Port St. Charles. Artifacts and evidence point to settlement some time around 1623 B.C.

The first indigenous people were Amerindians who arrived here from Venezuela. Paddling long dugout canoes they crossed oceans and currents that challenge modern sailing vessels. On the north end of Venezuela a narrow sea channel called the Dragon’s mouth acts as a funnel to the Caribbean sea and the nearest Island of Trinidad.

It is a formidable passage of swift flowing water and cross currents. It is dangerous water for an open dugout canoe. But they came, families and villages, adventurers, descendants of the the first people who travelled across the Alaska land bridge, down through Canada and the Americas to the South.

They made their new home in Barbados along the coast, leaving behind hardly a trace, only a hint of evidence for the archeologist to date and dream about. Fragments of tools made of shell, utensils, refuse and burial places convey but a mystery of their time. source

Harrison Caves, Barbados (1)

Harrison Caves, Barbados (2)
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Harrison Cave, Barbados

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The Animal Flower Cave, Barbados

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SPA ETIQUETTE: From Stripping to Tipping By ANITRA BROWN

Spa etiquette can be a source of anxiety for first-time spa-goers<, but it’s easy once you know a few basics. Here are some basic rules of spa etiquette to help you know what to expect and feel at ease.

5 Most Relaxing Massage and Spa Destinations in the World

1. Kerala

Massage and Spa Services in Kerala

In India, Kerala is the most recognized wellness destination. Here an abundance of greenery and the charm of backwaters make a perfect backdrop for a spa treatment. There are super luxurious resorts and budgeted massage centers where you can choose from an amazing variety of spa treatments. Ayurveda treatments, however, are the most popular here. Luxury or budgeted, Kerala has a spa treatment to suit everybody and every pocket.

2. Thailand

Massage and Spa Services in Thailand

This beautiful country is famous for offering the most soothing massage treatments. You can book a luxury spa resort or a budgeted hotel for a spa package. Traditional Thai massage is not to be missed when you are in Thailand. Indulging in a relaxing body massage in an urbane therapy room that overlooks the azure ocean is an ultimate holiday idea. If you feel a desperate need for a break from your hectic life, it’s time to head to Thailand for a spa holiday.

3. Bali

Massage and Spa Services in Bali

Bali is a picturesque spa destination that attracts wellness holiday seekers from all over the world. Its fabulous jungle spa and resorts vow you the most rejuvenating spa treatments. Whether you are looking for traditional spas and body massage treatment or a spa package that is inclusive of modern amenities such as Jacuzzi, sauna, salon etc, Bali offers you both, in the most luxurious to the most comfy budgeted setting. You can even book spa resorts overlooking the enchanting terraced paddy fields or one near the ocean. They offer an amazing choice in spa indulgence packages, so pamper yourself as much as you can.

4. Budapest

Massage and Spa Services in Budapest

Famously called, “The Spa Destination of the World”, Budapest boasts of several natural thermal springs that cause the formation of many mineral-rich baths. Romans built many luxurious public and private bath around these springs in the 16th-century that paved way for making Hungary a famous spa destination. Some of the ancient baths still exist, while many modern spa centers use the water from the thermal springs to offer an ultimate spa experience to their guests. Taking a dip in these natural mineral-rich water provides relief from many types of body aches, sports injuries, and skin ailments. Luxuriate in an ancient Turkish spa and experience the healing power of the mineral-rich waters.

5. Turkey

Massage and Spa Services in Turkey

If you have always been enamored with the sight of movie actors pampering themselves in exotic hammams (traditional Turkish bath), its time you spoil yourself with a holiday in Turkey. A hammam in a regal mansion dating back to the Ottoman Empire is an ultimate indulgence; you would surely not like to miss if you have a passion for wellness holidays. From the capital city of Istanbul to Cappadocia, you can find plenty of options for booking a spa or massage package.

If pampering yourself is on your mind, spending a few days in an exotic spa destination with your beloved or BFFs make for a fabulous holiday idea. Book yourself an indulgence package at a retreat of your choice and treat your mind and body with rejuvenating relaxation.

“Celestial Castings”

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I had an audition with the “Scouting Moon”, which took place on a quiet edge of morning,

The Moon was fully seated across shoreless waters within a rippling showcase of translucent colors, a skying recruit of powdery pinks, precipitating purples and spills of outrageous oranges.

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“What do you know about the me and the stars and all of the planets?” asked the moon.


My answers were a continuous flow of endearments. “When the nocturnal divides into your nightcap mode, Dear Moon you slant over the mockingbird cusps but the repeats of the mystical bird’sPeaceful Hymn’ goes unanswered.”


“Unrested on vigilance, the old owl promises not-a-hooting trace to the stool pigeon about any wisdom versed within the perfect secrets of airwaves, nor the true characteristics of the winded seas, nor the real understanding about emotions of the mind that leaches onto the worldly ponderance of geniuses, lunatics, philosophers, stoics, and stooges”;

“Traditions walk following beamed up beliefs and take dips into horrific scifi, an eerie casting of moonings, orbiting and shifting as manmade sentinels transcend and modulate. The good news is that, the sky is one big, Heavenly screen…

Twinkling stars fall into ominous straits, ways, galaxies, constellations, where threads of comets in volumes, blast the runways of time”.

“And, just as I every drop of rain, every earthly element, every mineral, and every precious stone, I want to be “a real star“, said I, the Starfish“!

“The glow is a curated mystery!”


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“La Valse d’Amélie (Accordion version)”

Table For Two

It is ten o’clock, you said you would be here at nine.

In plain view I am waiting for you

I have been patient–Me, the precarious model…the bearer of unannounced consequences.

Why do I dress myself with ideas that are seated upon architectural idea of romance?

..In reverse, you hide yourself and dangle me with excuses,

Then you give me a convergence of an ideal, YOU, a mindswell of your selfish identity;

And why should there be a repeated compromise in the heart your disrespect of me?

And, what am I to you, a prop?

Exhibits and spectators are perfect models for captivation, with an affinity to glimpses, flirty winks and other suitable musings.

I sit with a clever exchange, I am entertained with the charm and my recaptivation.

Waiting for you, I have met someone new.

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