An Ensemble For You, Oh Sailor!

Deviant Art

Originally posted on: TheBubblyTipsyMermaid (TIB)

For every good reason I salute you brave Mariner.


oh Admiral –


Viking Pirate-

and, especially you,

the conductor that directs a delving sequence from sunrise into distorted maskings of the protagonistic moon,

up and around a boastful sea where mistful clouds fall into a burst of thrushing blue, thunderous tides.

Propelling from your cabin wheelhouse you climb through a stormy horizon, a roaring cyclonic turbulence. The struggle resolves into a bathing getaway;

compassed recourses are a blowing that choruses a laying down of notes. You are like an oceanic bird.

It is a clear prevaling when military bugles pulsate your victory call, commemorating you with duo chords of cello calms;

cheering cries from french horns amplify into a strident interplay of solemn, echoing violins;

the unwaywardness of sounds swing into a crewing medley;

Your seaward reflections are a brassing of infactuations, and a strategic invite for a sea dance;

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“Sailor Moon- Heart Moving (Instrumental)”