“Mineral Bath Springs of Italy”

Natural Thermal Baths Near Rome


Natural Hot Springs Are Italy’s Best-kept Secret


Frank Bienewald/Getty Images

Italy, and Tuscany in particular, is peppered with natural hot springs rich in minerals that have been used by people since the ancient Romans for their health and beauty benefits.


But one hot spring, found amid the hills of Maremma, is actually one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. Cascate del Mulino is just off the beaten path and away from most tourists radars.

Centuries of waterfalls, have carved the rocks into beautifully round pools. Locals like to come and soak year-round, especially since the waters stay luxuriously warm at 37.5°C, or about 99.5°F.

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Saturnia Thermal Baths (Pinterest)

Saturnia – Maremma – Tuscany – Italy”

“Italy’s Grand Canal”

The Romantic Gondolas of Venice, Italy

Article & Photos by Denise Benson

I recently visited Italy for the first time, hoping to experience the romance of Venice’s gondolas.

I have always dreamed of visiting Venice, as it seemed to be such an amorous, magical place in books and travel articles. Friends have raved about it so I was actually afraid to be disappointed.

This fear subsided the moment my dream materialized. Venice is the epitome of old world charm and beautiful architecture. There are no words to adequately describe this unique place. It’s easy to get lost in the quaint shopfronts and unique bridges and canals that give visitors the sensation of walking through medieval times. All of the grace and beauty of historic Venice are embodied in the traditions of the gondola.

Maybe this sounds hokey but you haven’t experienced Venice unless you’ve taken a Gondola ride. And yes, it’s pricey. But you will forever cherish the memory of cruising through time in this storied city. Just ask my husband, who believes he is the Casanova of romance, even though he insisted on negotiating price with our gondolier before we could enjoy a glorious sunset cruise. He thought why not save a few bucks to shower me with other baubles of love? Okay, maybe this is not a bad idea.

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