“Love In The Morning – ENNIO MORRICONE”

That Morning Catch!

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I am a Finland Mermaid, and on one of my morning journeys, I looked up and saw a handsome face encircling the shallow, wavy waters.

I asked myself, “Had a handsome kite fallen upon the sea and started sailing inward toward the scales of my heart”?

When I peeped out of the water, there he stood, with a full-body six pack, and a squinting stare, strained against the sunrise.

Gradually, it became apparent that my flair was a loner. Knowing this, I was adamant on never letting him leave the want of my love on any goodbye waves.

I had fallen in love, and thoughts of sailing away with him, nudged me into ideas of stubborness and mischief. At this point, I launched a plan for him to become my trophy.

Each Tuesday he readied his tackle, rigged and unanchored his boat, near the tackle docking of West Bay.

My awakenings always challenged time and distance while surveiling this catch of a man.

He the fisherman would set sail to fish at a perfect water spot, and afterwards, he would head for Somerset, a neighboring fishing village.

I desired his love, and my chase of him was a real maritime pursuit as well as a fish tale that would become a sea legend, and an intimate tailgating honor.

One day he and I would breath the same air after untying the knots of our different drifts.

I dreamt about our live, loud wedding band, on the Puget Sound, a passage way where the sun, moon and all of the stars would glow upon our union.

I imagined our marriage celebration being honored by a spectrum of colorful, swarming sealife, clapping seals, blow fish and whales who would joyfully sprout water into the air.

Many Ferries filled with crowds of people would give toast to our vows. ClamBake Chefs would be our enchanting food caterers.

After thanking our guests we would depart in a perfect tradewind and float all the way to our honeymoon on the Grand banks.

The sound of attached, clamoring seashells would straddle behind us, with the insignia ” Just Married”. Our arrival would be filled with explorative dives and relaxation.

Then we would go inside our honeymoon cove and rest on a huge spongey oyster bed, covered with pearls. The sea doctor would later tell me that I have been cavaliered. This will be the birth of our children, little mariner sardines.

My love for this fisherman causes me to tarry closely behind him, along the ocean’s baseline. Sadly, his interest in me is not known.

In today’s sudsy morning surf, I have become a hasty, dripping splatter of a Mer, while nervously swimming pass a fading moon that sits upon the waters.

The moon slowly crosses into a blend with the rising sun. My heart desires the same movement across my husband-to-be’s heart.

I am always one-half hour ahead of my love to be’s start. On my weekly chase, I trail his valored, heroic whims at the speed of 10 nautical miles.

It is with a motion of long dipping strokes thru the greeneries of algae in the foamy ocean that I meet up with him. He settled in the middle of the sea to began fishing.

Unsuspectedly, I was his secret hand and a victim of my own shameless disrespect, because I am hoping for love and marriage with him.

Hours passed, and continuously loaded his net with tons of fish. Although I was a hearty and strong Mer, I was suddenly entangled in the net that I had filled with fish.

Me, the aggressive mermaid had become a soaking, aimless collision course. I was caught by my prey, the very man that I had chased and do love.

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“Love In The Morning – ENNIO MORRICONE”